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High end /Simulated Process Separations

Our professional staff and management ensure only the highest quality separations.  With real production experience in some of the nation's best printers our separations are sure to impress. 


Flesh tones or gradients have your press at a stand still?  Try our professional service and keep your press moving.

Graphxsource will learn your standards to ensure consistent file output for DTS or Film.  Our goal is to shorten prepress workflow and deliver accurate separations that will keep your clients coming back time and time again.  Call with any questions.  Free quotes provided on our website or email us your next quote.

Managed Art Staffing

Tired of constantly re-training staff in your art department?  Want lower  overhead and more control over your production?  No more worrying about turn-over, vacation days, and staff calling in sick.  We can offer  substantial savings and efficiency when comparing to hiring artists internally.  We have a fully scale-able work force to meet your needs as your business grows. Call us today for more information on pricing or programs for 1 or more dedicated artists. 1-800-998-3334 

DTG Production Files

Regardless of which DTG printer being used, prints produced from poorly made artwork or low resolution images may appear pixelated or grainy.   DTG is an inkjet system with proper inks and print system to print directly on to the garment.  As the old saying goes "garbage in... garbage out" when it comes to image files being used for printing.

Preparing files for DTG printing is a very similar process to producing files for other printing processes, two big differences are:

  • DTG prints can use white ink which is assumed by some file formats to be the substrate or paper which in many cases is embedded in the file as a background.

  • A DTG print may be a one off.   This means any time you spend correcting the files will diminish your profit margins.

Try us out on your next DTG order and we will ensure quality results every time.

Production Digitizing

Using the latest digitizing software, our designs are hand crafted in order to provide you with high-quality detailed designs. Our logos use 10-20% less stitching then more common on-screen digitizing methods. We do not use any automated features saving you time and money and improving quality. This technique results in small text second to none in the embroidery industry.  We provide sew outs on the same materials as you are embroidering.  This means a reliable sample in our quality control department before your garment proceeds to production.

Production Artwork

We offer 100% print production vector art services for commercial and specialty print applications, signs and banners, promotional products, engraving, embroidery, web use and more.

Whether you need an image for a simple promotional item or wide format applications, we can provide the perfect vector solution for your application.

Our vector productions, created by expert artists, are always delivered on time - every time.

Perfect vectors are a simple phone call | or click away.


Vector Art Services:

Technology Integration

We understand the need to be efficient.  Our technology solutions can make a big impact on speed to market and costs.  With a track record of succesfull partnerships, our IT solutions bring automation, technology, and logistics into your business for positive measurable outcomes.

Call us today for more information on seamless system integrations.

We proudly use the following authorized licensed software:


Quality digitizing makes a difference in a production run. Let GraphXsource Digitizing show you how our digitized embroidery designs can significantly improve your production efficiency and SAVE YOU THOUSANDS of dollars annually.



GraphXsource is a full service digitizing and art service bureau committed to providing the best quality and service in the apparel industry. As one of the top embroidery digitizing and screen print separation centers in the world, we are committed to offering the most efficient designs, knowledgeable customer service, fast estimates, and quick turnarounds to accommodate your production needs.

Our operation runs on a high speed digital work flow platform. You can place an order online and get an image of the actual sample sewn on the fabric of your choice using commercial embroidery equipment to ensure quality.







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