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Dedicated Art Staffing


With decades of experience in the apparel decoration and promotional products industry, we have developed an on-boarding model that works. Our dedicated staffing solutions offer time savings, improved accuracy, delivery, and speed to your customers. 

Programs That Meet Your Needs

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  • Pixel Pro

  • Hybrid Hotshot

  • Halftone Hero

  • Data Driver

  • Answer Agent

Versatility in Application

Order Entry, Virtual Sample Request, Approvals/Revisions Iteration Processing, Customer Service, Production Processing, Status Updates.

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Graphxsource will monitor and provide solutions to maximize and optimize efficiency for daily production.  Create an SOP with your dedicated artist to fine-tune your account expectations and procedures to establish a 1:1 experience.


Our knowledgeable and dedicated account managers take the time to really understand your business. Leveraging our years of experience to provide the best possible outcome with our data management teams, through real-time communication.

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Are you a                   user?


Choose The Plan That Works For You

Pixel Pro



Every Month

Shops needing a full time Graphic Designer

7 Day Free Trial

  • Dedicated Resource (40 Hrs/ Week)

  • Mock Ups

  • Spot Color Separations

  • Revision Processing

  • Printavo Administration

  • Embroidery Order Coordination

  • Embroidery Proofing

  • Preferred Pricing on Emb Digitizing

Not Ready To Staff?

Check out our à la carte services.

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