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See what successful shops working with GXS everyday have to say:



Cody Hogan


You guys have been running our staffing for 5 years - We couldn't imagine the business without GraphXSource.


Your team rocks, I have tried all the plugins and overseas companies and GXS is the best.


GraphXSource is artwork insurance for my business. I can rely on a cleared queue by the end of the day, EVERYDAY.

Cole Apparel

Client Review

You guys are CRUSHING it, this has freed up me and my staff to focus on more pressing tasks, this was the best thing I found at ISS Long Beach.



Client Review

First off, I just want to say thank you for all you guys do, we love you guys! Seriously, you guys are so much help it takes so much off our plate and it's awesome. Thank you.


Brendan Smith

Our company was growing very fast last year and our ad-hoc office/art department was completely buried with creating proofs, seps, printing films, re-printing films, fixing artwork, re-printing films, pulling out our hair, over and over again. We hired GXS and since then our office/art department has been transformed and in many ways I got my life back lol. It's given me back precious hours during the day and opportunity to focus on high-value projects and sales. Our GXS team is attentive, skilled and understands our needs. A lot of our stoppages and hang-ups on-press were caused by the seps that we were creatin  in-house, and clearing that up was such a relief. The GXS team was also super helpful as we transitioned to CTS. Now our workflow from artwork approval to screens to press is so efficient. The integration has been nothing short of transformative and it feels like we're a better company top to bottom.

Wooden Frames

Atomic Threads

Client Review

Thanks again for your help! HUGE thumbs up from me, I will recommed you guys to everyone in the industry. 5 stars for sure.

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