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Virtual proofs are useful sales tool for potential clients as it allows for instant viewing of a given branded product prior to production.   Our process allows for accurate placement and proportions for a custom decorated product.

End-users get the chance to see a given product decorated in the most accurate way and have an expectation of what their merch will look like.  In addition to closing sales faster,  this document is also intended to eliminate post-production surprises, mistakes, and shortcomings.

Avoiding artwork mistakes is the primary goal. With a rigid QC process that ensures sizing, proportions, spelling, and placement are accurate. To process, our staff needs the following input data:


Item#, color, logo art, location, decoration method, and any vendor specific limitations.

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Digital Representation of your artwork made easy

An Approval System not only cuts the cost of post-production errors but it helps eliminate the need for pre-production samples. End-users get the chance to see a specific product decorated accurately and have an expectation of what the goods will look like.

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